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  • 1994年
    At the beginning of its establishment, the company's main carter, allison accessories, Japan crane accessories and heavy auto parts;
  • 2000年
    Carter and allison maintenance business actively, and established the first comprehensive maintenance center in qinghai oilfield: tigers of qinghai comprehensive maintenance center;
  • 2003年
    Healthy business, expand the workover rig and fracturing truck maintenance in dagang oil field was established and the second comprehensive maintenance center: tigers of dagang comprehensive repair center;
  • 2004年
    Healthy business, expand the workover rig and fracturing truck accessories maintenance team continues to expand, set up in changqing oilfield third comprehensive maintenance center: tigers jingbian-yanshuiguang pipeline repair center;
  • 2005年
    Company supplies and maintenance business expanding, respectively in Beijing, qinghai oilfield, dagang oilfield, changqing oilfield, liaohe oilfield, jidong oil field, daqing oil field and other places set up a comprehensive maintenance service centers, seven in tuha oilfield, yumen oilfield, tanggu, dunhuang, xi 'an, tanghai county, the luntai, wushen banner and other places set up eight offices, sales and service outlets throughout the major oil fields, and began to send overseas technical service team;
  • 2007
    Tigers (Hong Kong) international trade co., LTD. Was set up. Relying on the superior international business hub of Hong Kong and the advantage of the free trade port, for customers to shorten the delivery cycle, provide timely service, the main radiation of central Asia and southeast Asia market;
  • 2009
    The company headquarters to tongzhou industrial park, covers an area of 20 mu. Repair of office building, workshop, warehouse and staff apartment one;
  • 2010
    Tigers of the CTD oilfield services company set up a branch, the business team consists of more than ten industry of senior and experienced foreign staff, to provide comprehensive solutions for oil production in the americas, supplies and maintenance services.
  • 2013
    Tigers of the Middle East dubai branch Persian energy international co., LTD. Was set up, relying on superior geographical advantage, dubai business radiation west Asia, the Middle East and African markets.
  • 2014年
    Beijing tigers of the 20th anniversary of the founding, in order to expand the oil industry, social value as own duty. With initiative, the thinking mode of open innovation, and open the market one after another, will become the industry leader;
  • 2016年
    The company changed its name to tigers of oil and gas co., LTD., diversification;
  • 2017年
    Registered group company, joint stock system reform.